The Eldritch Hour

023 - The Star On The Shore - The Cradle

July 21, 2021 Josh Richter
The Eldritch Hour
023 - The Star On The Shore - The Cradle
Show Notes

Call of Cthulhu - Charlotte continues her descent into bind-shattering paranoia. P.I. Thatcher helps Colonel Hall find another tunnel entrance. Amos, hours ahead in the timeline of events, leaves the woods and heads back to the cemetery. Sterling remains a the site of the star's arrival in the bay, and investigates the geology of the area.

Sterling Barnham played by Joey
Charlotte Hayes played by Jeanette
Samuel Thatcher played by Arik
Amos Lockheart played by Rod
Josh Richter - Keeper of Arcane Lore

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Music and SFX Credits:
Special thanks to Zapsplat, Ghosthack, and Sampletraxx for SFX.
All other music created by LOREHUNTER (Josh Richter)

This episode was produced and edited by Josh Richter.
 Art by Josh Richter

 The Star On The Shore written by Ben Burns, published by Dark Cult/New Comet Games, licensed by Chaosium. Purchase it here: