The Eldritch Hour

001 - Dead Light - The Girl

October 23, 2022 T. Joshua Richter
The Eldritch Hour
001 - Dead Light - The Girl
Show Notes

1997. Deep in the mountainous forests of Maine, USA. Three young adults in their early 20s are approaching the final destination of a weeks long trip across the country, visiting haunted locations and famous sighting spots for supernatural activity. Unfortunately for the trio, a severe storm has caught up to them as they wind their way through treacherous roads in the dead of night. 

Harlow Bruckner - Jeanette
Bobby Pickett - Arik
Harry Enslin - Joey
Keeper of Arcane Lore - Josh Richter

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All music created by LOREHUNTER (Josh Richter)

This episode was produced and edited by Josh Richter.
Art by Josh Richter