The Eldritch Hour

016 - The Wild Hunt - The Tenuity

October 08, 2022 T. Joshua Richter
The Eldritch Hour
016 - The Wild Hunt - The Tenuity
Show Notes

Finn and Luke go back and forth over how to handle their recent discovery. KC finally tries to get some much needed rest after a day of tragedy and stress. Luther has a chat with a couple of Finn's kin over details of the day's events. 

KC Burnette - Jeanette
Finn Balor - Arik
Luther Nickels - Joey
Keeper of Arcane Lore - Josh Richter

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Intro track created by Josh Richter, using and remixing "Mairi's Wedding" by Slainte, used with permission under Creative Commons Attributions Share Alike 3.0 License.

All other music created by LOREHUNTER (Josh Richter)

This episode was produced and edited by Josh Richter.
 Art by Josh Richter